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B2B medical device OEMs' marketing success depends primarily on their ability to create customized content for a target buyer account or a group of accounts. Done correctly, it fetches incredible results. In this article, we will learn what medical device OEMs' customized content looks like.
how-B2B-medical-device marketers-can-gather-buyer-intelligence
Medical device OEM marketers must gain intelligence on buyers and buying committees to develop compelling content strategies. The four approaches to achieving intelligence on buyers are Asset Examination, Gambit Insider, Intelligent Retrieval, and Outsider Assistance. We will discuss these four approaches in this article.
how-to-put-an-information-backbone-in b2b-medical-device-OEM-content-strategy
B2B medical device Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to develop targeted content strategies to overcome the challenges of selling. They often fail due to a lack of domain knowledge about buyers. This article will highlight the four kinds of information a B2B medical device OEM marketer must know to build an effective content strategy.
B2C marketers can avoid the commodity trap by understanding consumers’ rational and emotional considerations, tailoring their value proposition to what consumers prize the most, and sharing content that thoughtfully addresses their concerns. The ‘four-tiered B2C content model’ is a proprietary product of Content Charisma. It is designed to open people’s minds and hearts and get them on board to make a meaningful and measurable difference to the company’s bottom line.
B2B companies must first address buyers’ range of rational and emotional considerations in their value proposition. Then they must build a narrative that thoughtfully addresses buyers’ concerns, amplifies the costs and consequences of buyer inaction, and mitigates or eliminates the risks associated with purchase decisions. The five-tiered B2B content model addresses the five categories of values buyers and customers seek. It amplifies the costs and consequences of their inaction and mitigates or eliminates the risks associated with the decision to act, making the supplier’s story relevant and compelling. 
It is challenging to determine what consumers value due to its psychological complexity. But some universal building blocks of value create wonderful opportunities for B2C businesses in existing and new markets. When used in the right combination, these elements create magic. Whatever the nature of the marketing initiative – acquisition, retention, or expansion – a 4-tiered content strategy built on these values helps craft relevant content for consumers, increasing sales and producing sustained revenue growth. Here's a blueprint.