Abuse Policy

Last updated on November 4, 2021

Abuse Policy

We take all complaints concerning violations by Content Charisma seriously.

If you come across a Content Charisma copy you believe violates our Terms of Service, please report it immediately. We will follow it up promptly and get in touch with you for additional details. However, if the complaint cannot provide evidence of the violation, we may close your report without a response.

Report abuse by emailing abuses@dipankark3.sg-host.com.

Types of Abuse

We have categorized abuse as the following:

Spam, Malware, and Phishing: Using Content Charisma services for “junk mail”, “spam”, “chain letters”, “phishing”, or unsolicited mass distribution of email is prohibited.

Promoting Hatred, Violence, or Illegal/Offensive Activities: Transmission or publication of any content that is unlawful, illegal, encourages racism, discrimination, or hatred and seeks to defame, abuse, threatens, or violates privacy and legal rights of individuals, is considered prohibited activity by Content Charisma.

Sexually Explicit Material: This includes all and every material containing adult content. We prohibit using Content Charisma services to publish or transmit sexually explicit material.

Child Exploitation: We have a zero-tolerance policy towards content that exploits children. We will terminate a user’s account found guilty of this activity and report the violation to the authorities.

Confidential and Private Information: Use of Content Charisma services to publish personal and confidential information without the concerned person’s consent is not allowed. Private and confidential information includes name, contact details, address, credit card number, government-issued identification card details, and bank information.

Copyright Infringement: When someone other than the copyright holder copies the work, in part or whole, it amounts to a copyright infringement. If you discover copyright infringement by a Content Charisma user involving your work or the work of another, please report it immediately.

Other Violations: If you have a violation to report that does not fall in any of the above categories, you may choose to file it under this category. We will act on your complaint after obtaining a complete description of the violation.