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Production of every content format, namely, Text Content, Video Content, Audio Content, and Visual Arts Content, starts with a write-up. Text content is all about text. Video/audio content needs a video/audio script as the starting point. Visual arts write-up content must express and explain the artwork’s concept, design, elements, message, etc. Audio content also needs a script as the starting point.

The editorial team of Content Charisma will scrutinize your requirements and engage a writer from its team who is the most suitable to bring your idea alive.

After the write-up is ready, it passes through stringent editorial quality checks, and the Chief Editor signs it off.

Content Charisma’s team of writers has decades of writing experience and has worked with international media houses and in mainstream journalism.

Our seasoned editors have worked in mainstream journalism and international media houses for more than 25 years and are leaders in their fields.