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Welcome to the Self-Service Support Center of Content Charisma. A Knowledge Base helps customers self-serve, or find solutions to their problems and queries without having to ask for help from support agents.

Pricing for Text Content

The pricing of text content is based on the model PAY PER WORD. The price per word differs from one category of text content to the other. Similarly, the cost per word within a particular category of text content varies among the quality levels. For example, the price per word for a blog post in Regular quality varies from the price per word for a blog post in Standard, Premium, and Customized quality.

We do not charge for Search Engine Optimized copies. We provide SEO-friendly copy as part of the order. Additional charges apply for royalty-free images, title tag and meta description, and other elements like data visualization, infographics, video, etc.

You can calculate the pricing in the 16 categories of text content where the self-service option is available to place an order. Check here.

For customized quality for the 16 categories and all other qualities for 44 categories, you can have a one-on-one consultation with a Content Specialist at Content Charisma. We will note down your requirements and quote you the price.