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Categories of Video Content

Find below the list of video content categories we create. You can find details related to the following categories on the page.

We deliver more than 20+ categories of video content at different price points. To order content in any of the following categories, please schedule a consultation with a Content Strategist at Content Charisma. Book a Free Consultation →

We produce various types of videos viz. Spot Commercial Videos, Brand Promotional Videos, Explainer Videos, Product Demonstration Videos, Company Cultural Videos, Behind the Scenes Videos, Customer Testimonial Videos, Employee Portrait Videos, Branded Mini Documentary Videos, Branded Short Films, Training Videos, How-To Videos, Academic Videos, etc. in the following styles.

  • Live-Action Videos
  • 2D Animation Videos
  • 2.5D Animation Videos
  • 3D Animation Videos
  • Mechanical 3D Animation Videos
  • Live-Action Animation Videos
  • Traditional Animation Videos
  • Motion Graphics Videos
  • White Board Videos
  • Typography Videos
  • Screencast Videos
  • Live-Action Screen Shot Videos
  • Live-Streaming Videos
  • Photo Montage Videos
  • Rotoscope Animation Videos
  • Cut-out Animation Videos
  • HUD Animation Videos
  • Plexus Animation Videos
  • Stop Motion Videos
  • Video Montage