20+ categories of Video content plus Text, Audio, and Visual Arts content

We deliver more than 20+ categories of video content with different price points.

We deliver more than 20+ categories of video content with different price points. Find more details below on this page. To order content in any of the following categories please schedule a consultation with a Content Strategist at Content Charisma Book a Free Consultation →

Live-Action Videos

The name says it all: these videos have real people, animals, or objects instead of animation or digitized images. This video type is shot in real places and can be about any topic from food, travel, culture to business and technology. Live-action videos can be personal, corporate, artistic, or commercial such as for advertisements. They can be short or long based on purpose and target audience. The video’s script may be a narrative, a speech, a play, an interview, an introduction to someone or something, a dialogue, or an educational class or tutorial.

Animation Videos- 2D, 2.5D, and 3D

Animation videos are not based on real people, animals, events, or objects. They are a sequence of original drawings or illustrations that give the impression of movement and action when depicted in a continuous flow. You can use animated videos created in 2D, 2.5D, and 3D, etc. for various purposes such as edutainment, entertainment, or promotions.

Mechanical 3D Animation Videos

To describe this technique in layman’s terms, it visually depicts a product’s configuration, assembly, and inner workings by creating photorealistic 3D animation. If you need to explain how a product works, this technique will help you do it.

Live-Action Animation Videos

Mixing animation with live-action is a popular approach for the cinema industry. CGI and stop motion are widely used in the entertainment industry along with traditional animation. The blending of live-action with animation creates visual realism with stylized elements, making videos more engaging.

Traditional Animation Videos

Classical animation, hand-drawn animation, or 2D animation are techniques in which each frame of the storyboard is first drawn on paper by hand. The thousands of frames are then sequenced to lead to a moving visual flow. The method was the reigning form of animation in cinema to produce cartoon animation, such as in Disney films, until the advent of computer animation.

Motion Graphics Videos

The use of graphics in motion to explain something is a motion graphic video. If you pay attention to the name of this form of communication, you will get it instantly. These videos use animation, sound, voiceover, and text to deconstruct big or complex ideas into easily understood chunks of information, combining learning with fun. You can use motion graphic videos to describe a service, concept, theory, or product for commercial, educational, or promotional purposes.

White Board Videos

Are you familiar with whiteboards? These are the large white physical surfaces attached to a wall or freestanding that experts or teachers draw on using simple diagrams, numbers, and sketches to explain something complex or multi-layered to the audience. Capturing these explainer sessions or instructional classes on a video makes it a whiteboard video.

Typography Videos

The shortest definition for typography videos is words that move. These videos use animation techniques with words and music to bring alive a message or an idea. These are compelling videos because they take words and convert them into non-static, dynamic forms with a life of their own. It is essential to pick the right fonts, sizes, and colors to maximize typography video messaging. The videos can be used for commercial, educational, or promotional purposes.

Screencast Videos

Mainly used for instructional, training, or tutorial purposes, screencast videos use digital video recording of the computer screen to create a step-by-step, how-to understanding of a process for viewers. Watching the screencast, which has a sequence of computer screenshots, enables viewers to feel as if they are directly engaging with the instructor. All they need to do is follow the same steps.

Live-Action Screen Shot Videos

This category combines live-action or personal presence with the screencast. For example, you have made a screencast and are demonstrating/explaining it in a video. It becomes a live-action screenshot video. It helps the viewer get a more rounded experience of both formats.

Live-Streaming Videos

These are real-time, in-the-moment, on-location videos that relay the action as it happens. Popular on social media, live streaming videos can be shot for significant events such as concerts, speeches, conferences, weddings, travel experiences, festivals, and any moments that you want people to watch in real-time.

Photo Montage Videos

It is about photographs and creating a montage in the form of a video. Simple. You can use these digital video slide shows with creative effects to show off your childhood pics, wedding photos, family get-togethers, travel memories, or just about any collection of images from moments you want to showcase to the world. Add music, a voiceover, and captions, and you are good to go.

Rotoscope Animation Videos

A widely used technique in television commercials involves using animated sequences created by tracing over live-action footage. Every frame of the live-action footage is painstakingly traced. This time-consuming effort leads to realistic action on the screen when the sequences of frames are played. The technique frequently combines cartoon figures with natural settings.

Cut-out Animation Videos

Cuts-outs refer to paper, photographs or stiff fabric, or any type of material cut into shapes that are used to tell a story in motion. These precut elements are used to create moving frames. Cut-out animation videos use such props to create stop motion to enliven business presentations. They are also used on websites and in advertising.

HUD Animation Videos

Acronym for Head-Up-Display is a popular animation method in the GEN-Z era, where information is visually relayed to the user. HUD animations play a significant role in making the UI look more complex and futuristic. Many young startups and established organizations are implementing this category of animation on their websites.

Plexus Animation Videos

The word plexus means an intricate structure with an extensive system of elements that are connected by a network. Therefore, plexus animation videos showcase how different parts come together to form a solid scene or an object. This technique helps make informational and educational videos look descriptive.

Stop Motion Videos

This technique involves capturing one frame at a time in which the object moves in incremental degrees to lead to a sense of action or movement when the frames are played sequentially. Stop motion videos are used mainly as short communication tools and in advertisements. 

Video Montage

A video montage is a series of shorts or videos edited and put together to create a sequence. Video montages help convey more extensive information over a short period by showcasing the passage of time and capturing multiple periods and their moods in a singular way.