10+ categories of Audio content plus Text, Video, and Visual Arts content

We deliver more than 10+ categories of audio content with different price points.

We deliver more than 10+ categories of audio content with different price points. Find more details below on this page. To order content in any of the following categories please schedule a consultation with a Content Strategist at Content Charisma Book a Free Consultation →


A voiceover is a segment of external vocal narration synchronous with the flow of the narrative or superimposed over a story or film. A voiceover artist speaks the words to provide additional or all-encompassing moral or meaning to the content consumed by the listener or viewer. Voiceovers are recorded during pre- or post-production from a specially written script.


A podcast is an audio recording of a talk or discussion available on the internet as a digital audio file. The listener downloads the file on a mobile, personal assistant, tablet, or desktop. Podcasts can be private or commercial broadcasts with one or more people speaking on a subject for informational or entertainment purposes. You can download many podcasts for free, while others require a subscription. Podcasts offer similar value as traditional radio talk shows. The only difference being any individual or entity who wishes to communicate to the world at large on any topic of interest can create a podcast.


A physical book on any subject read aloud by a narrator and recorded creates an audiobook or a listening book. Audiobooks offer a spoken word experience for people who do not wish to or do not have time to read a physical book. Audiobooks are recorded, with retakes, just like a song is recorded in a studio and edited for clarity, flow, and rendition. Audiobooks come in various fields and can be informational, educative, for entertainment, or literary enrichment.

Audiograms/Audio Advertisements

Audio ads are a new form of digital advertising that uses voice messages to target specific audiences. This digital format is mainly compatible with online streaming services such as Spotify or podcasts, which distribute audio ads with their audio content. These ads are more casual and speak to the target audience in a more relaxed manner. You can also insert audio ads on YouTube videos as an online marketing strategy with simple animation or images accompanying the primary voice message.

Audio Blog

A blog, article, spoken journal, or communication piece that is read aloud and converted into a digital sound file is termed an audio blog. It provides information, opinion, or views on a subject through conversation and sometimes also music and images. Though audio blogs can be very similar to podcasts, the former are typically shorter and non-episodic, ideally no longer than 5-10 minutes. Audio blogs can be used on personal blogs, websites, and as a marketing tool.


The short musical advertisements you hear on the radio promoting a brand, product, event, or concept are called jingles. Jingles have been used for decades as an instant hook for listener attention as the catchy words and music create a Call to Action (CTA) experience. As audio content, jingles are a form of sound branding used on radio and commercial television promotions.

Signature Tune

A signature tune is an advertisement tool used to reinforce the branding and identity of a product or service on a television or radio program. As its name implies, the signature tune creates familiarization of the brand or program by playing at the segment’s beginning and end. The repeated nature of the music becomes a solid associative element in the listener’s mind with the brand or program, raising its profile and recall value.

Sign-off Track

A sign-off track is a distinctive musical flourish that ends a promotion or advertisement on a high note. It’s the equivalent of a memorable goodbye. Sign-offs explore the well-established relationship between music and memories to make space for themselves in a listener’s mind. Therefore, they are carefully composed to create the highest brand recall and recognition through association.

Native Ads

This form of advertisement is an offshoot of the expansion of the media field. Essentially, native ads are paid content that aligns with the platform of promotion. For example, a native ad in a podcast will have the podcaster read out the ad wording based on their understanding and of the marketer or company. Native ads are an advertisement tool seeking a niche in media, digital or print, to reach out in a consumption form with which the audience is familiar.

Internet Radio

This form of engagement is also known as web radio or streaming radio. The name suggests that Internet Radio is digital audio relayed over the internet instead of traditional radio waves. It can be live or pre-recorded, cover a range of subjects, and is accessed through web-connected computers, personal devices, or smartphones. There are thousands of internet radio broadcasts globally that cater to every preference and interest. Listeners can download their internet radio aggregator of choice to get a stunning range of radio stations, which stream their broadcasts online.