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personalization for energy customers
The energy sector has been experiencing an influx of new players. Companies that fail to deliver personalization in this competitive market will likely compound their customer attrition rate. So, energy companies must adopt personalization for customers to build loyalty and boost sales.
Over the past few years, medtech companies have been ramping up their digital-marketing capabilities and budgets. They developed skills and expertise to design and implement digital marketing. They used emails, social media, and other channels, and increased their reach through search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Yet, the results do not seem exciting. So, what are they missing?
It is predicted Metaverse could be worth $5 trillion by 2030. That is a massive slice of the pie and an unmissable opportunity for growth. However, metaverse companies must help business leaders and consumers understand what's in for them to create a meaningful relationship
Experts predict that highly or fully autonomous vehicles (AV) will hit the roads after 2025. Are we ready for them? A large-scale uptake depends on the level of public acceptance, so are manufacturers doing enough to inform us about the safety and convenience of AVs?
Companies that strategically unify creativity, analytics, and purpose deliver at least twice the growth of their peers. By unifying the three elements, they could build a content model that enables personalized content creation. It is a magical way to engage with people's minds and hearts and onboard them, generating a meaningful and measurable difference in the company's bottom line.
Businesses are signing a pledge to deliver a net zero commitment, and it's reassuring to see their numbers increasing. However, they do not move the economy by themselves. They need the support of their suppliers to transform their businesses into net zero value chains.