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As B2B offerings are becoming increasingly commoditized, the subjective, even quite personal considerations of buyers are becoming more and more crucial in purchases. The elements range from the strictly objective — for example, price and specifications — to the more subjective, such as alleviating buyers' anxiety and enhancing their reputation. B2B marketers can avoid the commodity trap by understanding buyers' range of rational and emotional considerations, tailoring their value proposition to suit what buyers prize the most, and sharing with them content that thoughtfully addresses their range of considerations.
Only 31.57 percent of businesses with a website publish blogs consistently, and the portion of the pie that belongs to the B2B contributors is negligible. That's because not many B2B enterprises understand the benefits of blogging. Plus, they are reluctant to do it because starting a blog requires preparation and needs to be sustained. And that's a lot of work. However, blogging solves most B2B marketing problems and will remain the most valuable weapon in its marketing arsenal. Here's why.
Email marketing will be reinventing itself in 2023. Brands are realizing they need to go beyond throwing a bunch of emails at people and craft engaging messages that people actually want to read. In 2023, email marketing needs to be more dynamic, innovative, and data-driven in order to achieve results. We are at the base of this new wave, and we must learn to ride it to prepare our businesses for future changes.
Developing a community flywheel is a better way to build a brand in today's competitive marketplace. You can reach your consumers in their communities, generate a stronger emotional connection with them, engage with them, and win their loyalty with high returns and minimal risk.
Winning marketers are those who are willing to think outside the box and use data to move closer to consumers. Whether in-house or outsourced, today's content creators require a broader skill set with a balanced mix of left- and right-brain skills.
Marketers no longer rely on traditional methods to engage successfully with target audiences. The new mantra is personalization, and it's about knowing your audience and providing them with the information they want. The technology to achieve this is available, and it may surprise you just how much you already have in place.